Amazing After-Bump Styling Ideas for Postpartum Dressing

Amazing After-Bump Styling Ideas for Postpartum Dressing

Here is the thing. When we hear the words "maternity clothing", our mind instantly takes us back to all these "Friends" episodes when Phoebe Buffay’s pregnancy closet was filled to the brim with super stretchy pants that looked something like hippie-comfy sartorial treasures. However, as much as we can relate to the latter, one thing was completely out of place. You see, Phoebe, effortlessly fitted into her pre-maternity clothing instantly — talking about a fantastic scenario right there.


In reality, if postpartum dressing resembles our previous 9-month uniform, that's totally fine. Pregnancy is a magnificent journey and those few stubborn pounds are all part of it. Our bodies are constantly changing. For non-celebrities, the weight-shedding period can take a bit longer, so why not embrace your new, juicier self? Instead of trying to squeeze yourself back into your old staples, take note of these quick tips on how to dress postpartum. Consider it as your new mum's "uniform." Spoiler alert: It's equal parts comfortable and flattering.


Elastic and stretchy postpartum pants


Leggings, joggers, and postpartum jeans are your fool proof way of looking put together and otherworldly-comfortable. Opting for dark-coloured stretchy fabrics will come in handy especially during the first few months when you are required to nurse a new-born around the clock. High-waisted silhouettes work as a staple for all types of "new mum dressing". Plus, don't forget that you will be changing size pretty often, so going for elastic clothing is a must.


What are the best postpartum tops for chic, yet practical dressing?


For many of us, the transition to motherhood feels like the beginning of a brand-new relationship with your body. After 9 months of being snuggled up in our ultra-comfy ensembles, now is the perfect time to treat ourselves to fashion pieces that make us feel beautiful. Peplum tops for new mums are a fantastic way to add definition to your waist while camouflaging your cute bump in the process. Moreover, as these postpartum-ready tops aren't tight around your body, you can keep wearing them even after you've lost some pounds.


By now, you’ve probably added more than a few oversized t-shirts and button-down shirts to your postpartum wardrobe checklist. They double as the perfect nursing top as they are extremely easy to wear. Luckily, you won’t have to compromise on style nor comfort! From star tees to Designer Snob Tees, pretty much everything comes in an array of different sizes to choose from.


Postpartum dresses for all occasions


We firmly believe that whoever invented flowy, yet fluttering dresses that don’t restrict our bodies should be awarded. No matter if you are throwing a flattering yet utterly comfortable dress on to go for a walk in the city, visit some friends, attend all sorts of celebrations, these postpartum dresses will hide any part of your body that still makes you feel a bit uncomfortable, while making you look effortlessly chic.


Bold colors and statement patterns


When you already have your postpartum dark-colored leggings and trousers ready for grabs, it's time to add a fun element to your daily outfits.  Slouchy leopard or star sweats will look fantastic with pretty much every post-pregnancy look. The oversized silhouette will allow you to be comfortable, yet utterly chic. If you are looking for tips on how to dress classic with a twist, this is your fool proof way of getting there.


Knitwear is a fantastic solution to add some texture and keep yourself warm throughout the cold-weather season. The eye-catching soft Ruby Star Knit will offer you freedom of movement & a touch of glam while looking gorgeous with your leggings, jeans, and trousers. Additionally, you can add unexpected details like a beautiful silk scrunchie to complete the look.


Choose easy to wash clothing


While channeling all of my consumer energy into luxurious silk fabrics might seem like a good idea at first. In reality, motherhood requires options that are equally mood-enhancing, beautiful, and practical. Opting for easy-to-wash fabrics like cotton and rayon will allow you to quickly throw your postpartum clothes into the washing machine with no fear of damaging them. Plus, you already know that having a new-born comes with an array of spills and accidents. Hard-to-maintain clothing simply doesn't make the cut.


Postpartum layering outfits


Instead of overhauling your wardrobe with a multitude of cute yet seasonal finds, try investing in some layering pieces. Having an array of options to keep yourself warm and comfy is arguably extremely important. This hoodie star knit cardigan, for example, is ridiculously easy to throw on over your trusted button-down shirts and t-shirts. The best part? It's super practical for nursing as well.


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