It's no secret that we love adding some new, trendy pieces to our wardrobe arsenal as soon as the new season starts, but while a season-long fad might be fun while it lasts, there are only a handful of things that rival the excitement of owing timeless, all-year-round fashion staples.

It's safe to say that for a versatile wardrobe to be truly complete, it needs to include a mix of everyday, casual pieces and some much-loved seasonal trends. Are you getting ready for yet another day at work? Maybe you are eager to meet up with some friends on your lunch break? Planning on going for a stroll in the city for a coffee or with your baby/ fur baby? There's nothing quite like a classic with an unexpected twist to fall back on.

That's not what fashion is only about though. There is something extremely refreshing about wearing fashion that represents the uniqueness of being your true, authentic self. Here, at Lust +Co, we feel more confident if the clothes we are wearing match up with our personality, identity, and ever-changing mood. In 2021, we’re saying out with the old and in with the new. We aim to bring a fun twist to your everyday "uniform" by incorporating a healthy dose of affordable unique fashion pieces through the mix of stock label brands we carry.


Statement knitwear

If bold patterns intimidate you, trusted zebra prints should definitely be your first foray into the world of chic yet statement dressing. Why? we hear you ask. Because, unlike most all-over prints, the majority of zebra print knitwear comes in neutral tones so you can pair them up with most of your standard pieces, like white, black, and navy, without the fear of a potential clash.

Just in case animal prints aren't for you, you can always put your trust in an oversized abstract knit. Wear it with your favorite denim, a comfy pair of sneakers and you are good to go.


Fun accessories

We get it! Some days throwing on an all-black seems like the only possible scenario. Chances are that if you are a true monochrome serial wearer, you might find it extremely hard to opt for any other print and color, however, that doesn't mean that you can't add an unexpected flair to it! Silk scrunchies are not only the trendiest fashion accessory right now, but also your foolproof way of adding a pop of color to your daily outfits. Silk scrunchies are known for being both hair-friendly and fashion-approved.


Put a star on it

Whether you’re a fan of the classic sweatshirts and crew-neck pullovers or prefer to go bold with animal print knit and unexpected details, there’s no denying that the cold-weather  season is the quintessential time to wear all things cozy. Now imagine being able to cozy up in your snuggle-worthy sweats and still add some personality to your look! Luckily, the  Star collection can do just that! From otherworldly soft star knits to cotton star sweatshirts, the options are definitely in your favor.

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