Looking Good and Feeling Good After Giving Birth: Self-Care Tips For New Mums

Looking Good and Feeling Good After Giving Birth: Self-Care Tips For New Mums

Motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with unconditional love, unexpected moments, and a whole lot of much-needed self-care. Sure, we often see on Pinterest boards or in Instagram feeds an array of "snap back bodies", otherworldly-organized homes, and candid photos of the cute happy family. However, the reality is a bit less insta-worthy. Many of us are guilty of pressuring ourselves to reverse back to our postpartum body ASAP, leaving no time to embrace the beauty of the body’s postnatal state. Furthermore, we soon realize that our old ways of doing things simply no longer apply. As much as you'd like to treat your hair for two hours, sit there with a book in hand or get your gel nails done, too many baby-related chores leave no room for our precious pampering routines.

So, what makes you look and feel good after giving birth? There are a few easy self-care tips for new mums that will allow you to recharge your batteries, kick off your postpartum self-care routine and make you glow from within. Here is a guide for multitasking mums on a mission:

New mum self-care tips:

Taking care of yourself whilst taking care of your newborn.

Between all those sleepless nights and varying emotions, this might sound like a utopia. And if practicing self-care makes you feel guilty, note that when you take time to care for yourself, it allows you to treat others with the same energy flow. Your loved ones want to see you happy and relaxed.

Postpone those chores and relax for a few hours

Yes, we know. Clothes tend to pile up at a rapid pace. Your home might not be spotless. But you know what? Whatever the chore may be, it can wait. Turn a blind eye to these exhausting tasks for a day and grab your favorite book instead. Just in case you aren't that interested in holding a physical book, audio-books will allow you to, yet again, multitask. The best part? You can still relax and ease off while your baby is sleeping.

Get that daily dose of Vitamin D

Did you know that sunshine has been proven to increase serotonin levels, the neurotransmitter responsible for reducing depression and anxiety as well as regulating moods? As new mums, sometimes it's easy to feel stuck in a home for endless hours per day. However, even a 10 minute walk in the sun can offer you enough Vitamin D to reduce depression. Take a breath, close your eyes and allow the sun to wash over you while you are outside. The results will be very rewarding.

Keep a journal of your thoughts, aspirations, and struggles

As new mums, we experience so many emotions. Some of them you wish you could remember and cherish forever, while others feel like they should have been locked away. Postpartum journaling is a fantastic way to write down the good, the bad, and the ugly.  There are numerous studies about the effect of expressive writing on error-related negativity among individuals with chronic worry.

Expressive writing and health are highly connected. So, grab your new, beautifully crafted notebook and let's get into it!

Treat yourself to a new postpartum wardrobe

We've previously shared a few amazing after-bump styling ideas for new mums (After Bump Styling). Beauty comes from within and taking care of your mental health is equally as important as ordering that new buttery-soft knit.

Are you stressing over whether or not you will finally be able to fit into your go-to pre-pregnancy jeans? Take it easy! You have been carrying that cute, precious baby inside of you for nine months. Make sure to give yourself some much-needed time to get back into shape. You will soon find your way back to your pre-baby closet. But, until then, chic yet comfortable oversized sequined tee paired up with all-black high-waisted leggings will definitely give you a mood boost.

 Make yourself feel confident and beautiful once again. Self-gifting is permitted and a new pair of trendy sneakers, a new dress or silky pjs will most likely uplift your mood.

At  Lust & Co, we carry a ton of options for new mums who want to dress and impress themselves and everyone around them. Being a new mum is both difficult and satisfying, however, with the right self-care tips and a beautiful postpartum wardrobe that meets all your needs, your life will become a lot easier.

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